They Drove a Flivver

Have you ever heard of a flivver?  I don’t think I had until I read this newspaper clipping:
Scan 30

Lennart and Arnold Thornberg (the newspaper named them Leonard and Armond) were my great uncles.  They were both born in Sweden and came to the US  in about 1919, and went back to Sweden in about 1924.  I don’t know the date of this, but it was somewhere within that five year period.

There were a couple of things I found interesting – one was the flivver, the other was the reference to H. M. Christenson razors.

A flivver is an American slang term used during the early part of the 20th century to refer to any small car that gave a rough ride, esp. one that is small, inexpensive, and old.   This is a 1919 Model T


Ca you imagine driving this car from Brockton MA to Hollywood CA?  It had a top speed of 40-45 mph.  This was a trip of about 3000 miles.  So, about 70 hours of driving.  Then add in gas stops, pit stops and meals.  That’s a long trip!

H. M. Christenson razors were a single blade razor manufactured in Germany and imported to Brockton MA.  In addition to selling razors, the company manufactured tools for the shoe making industry, which was prevalent in Brockton, and a lot of the family worked in various ‘shoe shops’.

The act of immigrating from Sweden to USA must have been an adventure, so I guess driving across the county was just another adventure for them!

Do you have any adventurous souls in your family history?

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